Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a FAQ?

A. A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question.

Q. I noticed that even new web sites have FAQs. Who asks the questions if nobody has been to the site before?

A. The Web developers often make stuff up in anticipation of what users would ask.

Q. Why present a FAQ then? Why not just put together a written summary of policies?

A. Internet users are used to looking for a FAQ. This way, they know where to go.

Q. How frequently must a question be asked to be included in a FAQ?

A. That depends on the web developer. The idea is to limit the number of requests to the customer service group.

Q. I noticed that some web pages don't have a contact listed for customer support and don't list any e-mail address or phone number. When these pages have a FAQ, who asks the questions, and how can I ask them something that's not in the FAQ?

A. Since I cannot speak for other web sites, you will have to contact the particular site you are concerned with and ask them.

Q. Do you have a Customer Service Department?

A. Since we have no products or services, there is no need to have a Customer Service Department.

Q. In the previous answer, you used the word "we." I thought that your Web site belonged to an individual. Is anybody else involved?

A. All issues regarding responsibility for any development of this site are discussed on the main home page. However, there are issues beyond the actual development of this site that must be considered. This site is hosted by another company, and that company's administrators are involved in keeping the hardware, server software, and operating system software running, as well as general administrative issues.

Q. Does that exclude issues related to the content of your web site?

A. I believe that they have a disclaimer to that effect.

Q. If I need to ask a question, how may I do so?

A. I had anticipated that all relevant questions would have been answered by now. However, any remaining questions can be asked by e-mail.

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